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COVID-19 Information as of April 2020

To date, there have been NO cases of people contrating COVID-19 from their pets. 

Dog Information: 

       Dogs appear to be unable to contract the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. The reports out of China show that dogs, like doorknobs and light switches, can have the virus deposited onto them. Canine coronavirus is a completely different virus. It has been around for decades and causes mild diarrhea in puppies. There is a vaccine available but it is rarely given because the disease is so mild. 

Cat Information:

       Cats have not been shown to be able to pass the virus to people. A very tiny number of cats have produced antibodies to the COVID-19 coronavirus. However, the virus doesn't seem to be able to replicate well in cats and only very tiny numbers of virus particles have been found. 

      There are two feline coronavirus diseases. Feline enteric coronavirus causes mild diarrhea. Feline infectious peritonitis coronavirus (FIP) causes severe inflammatory disease in young kittens and older cats. There is a vaccine against FIP but it often makes cats more ill and is rarely used. 

What about the tiger?

       One tiger at the Bronx zoo has been confirmed to have been infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus. It appears that the tiger contracted it from one of the zoo employees. There are several diseases including canine distemper virus that the 'big cats' can become affected with, that don't affect domestic cats.  

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